Comments From Service Users


These comments were taken from our in-house newspaper.


  • "I have been living at Staverton for 16 years and have lots of friends. I like going out with my keyworker. We go shopping and buy nice clothes or go out for the day. I like going to the pub and out for meals, Chinese is best. I like going to McDonalds too. I like going home to see my Mum and Dad. Sometimes I like going to the cinema and theatre. In the week I like the farm best and ladies group and my work, that’s on Mondays."


  • ‘All the staff here are friendly and I like my keyworker very much. The staff help me with any problems. They helped me with my bedroom, it looks lovely. I went to the gang show with the No.1 Club. I like my job, I’ve been sorting out the clothes in the shop. We have a new boss in the shop. We raised money at the Bradbury Centre café for children in need. I saw my friends there.’


  • ‘My hobby is walking. I went round Virginia Water and then round Dinton Pastures. I like walking miles and miles. Sometimes we go to the Lookout and all around Wokingham. We walk in the Summer and Winter, rain and sunshine. It keeps me fit! I like going walking round the town, I go for a walk every day, sometimes on my own, sometimes with staff’


  • ‘Every Sunday I walk up to the ‘army’. I take my Bible and some money. When I get there I pray. My friends say hello. We sing hymns. I read my Bible. A lady from the ‘army’ gives a talk. After the service we have coffee and biscuits. Then I walk home. It makes me happy. I like it here. I’ve been to Tesco to get shopping . I like going to the pub, have a pint’


  • ‘I like plane-spotting. I know the different sorts, and I like seeing them at the airports and at airshows. I collect pictures and photos of them. And I like gardening. I do this on our allotment and go to the farm. I love planting things and watching them grow. My best hobby is fishing. I like fishing anywhere. I catch big fish, sometimes we go to a lake. Best of all I like sea fishing in a boat. ‘


  •     ‘At the homes committee we talked about the stakeholder survey. All residents said what they thought about living at Staverton. I am on the committee. Its important to be on the committee. We can have other people on the committee if they want. We talked about staff, helping with excellent clothes choice and rooms. Everybody says what they want with Karen. We talked about lots of things we do, agenda, go to lots of places, swimming, church, Christmas party and friends . I went to the Partnership Board conference I go to CLASP too, lots of meetings.’


  •  ‘We go to the pub Sunday lunchtimes, it’s good, we have a few pints. Then we have a big roast dinner – lovely’


  • ‘I went to Wembley stadium to see England football. I am not going again it was too cold, I will watch on TV. I like my job and I still like working at the coffee shop, all my friends are there too. I am going to Torquay soon and I am going on holiday again in September.’