Service users are consulted on a continuous basis about all aspects of their lives:


1.   Informal exchange of views: This takes place regularly and informally every morning over the breakfast table, every afternoon after day activities, and during leisure time in the evening. All service users are aware that staff are available to support them consistently and to discuss any concerns.


2.   Keyworker time: All service users enjoy regular time on a one-to-one basis with their keyworker. This gives opportunities for a full discussion of any issues - work, leisure, life at home, etc. All future plans are discussed with each service user. Service users decide which activities they want to pursue, and decline any activities they dislike.


3. Homes Committee:  The Homes Committee consists mostly of service users plus a management representative, staff representative, family representatives, and community representatives. This committee provides an informal evaluation of the activities of the Trust, gives suggestions and ideas, and can provide supportive links with outside agencies. Service users are fully involved in discussing the support and opportunities provided in their home.


4.   Care Plans: The person centred plans comprise a fully comprehensive planning book for each service user. All areas of life and work are included and the person decides how they wish to be supported. In each planning section it is possible to read the person’s wishes and hopes, and likes and dislikes. 

5.   The Service User Survey: This is formally undertaken annually, and each individual service user is asked for their views on life at Staverton or Ashton in symbol / pictorial format. The results of the survey are monitored and action taken according to service users wishes.

6.   Trustee meetings: service user representatives are always invited to express their views on the service provided at the monthly Trustee meetings. Their opinions are always recorded and any problems or suggestions followed through.

7. Regulation 10 Visits: During monthly monitoring visits, the visiting trustee or trust manager’s priority is to speak to as many service users as possible, asking for their views on everything concerning the home. The people living at Staverton and Ashton know that the trustees, staff and management are approachable and that if they have any concerns or complaints their issues will be addressed, and all their ideas will be listened to.

8. The people living in the homes hold regular monthly meetings to discuss anything affecting their lives, anything they would like to do, or any changes they would like to make.  Meetings are for anyone who wants to attend and are chaired by the Trust Manager.  Topics for the agenda are suggested by residents, and items discussed have included, for example, new items for the homes, e.g. the garden chalet, garden furniture, new vehicles, bathroom curtains and tiles.  Residents have also discussed safety issues, chores in the home, menus, holidays, activities, attendance at meetings, and respecting other people.