Moving To Our Home


Service users are usually referred by their Care Manager but as the Anthony Toby Homes Trust is known to many local families in the Wokingham/Bracknell area, referrals can sometimes come via a parent or sibling. During the first 12 months at Staverton or Ashton there will be very close consultation with the nearest relative and/or carer and care manager. The new service user will sign a contract, and person centred reviews focussed on the service user, and attended by everyone in their support circle, eg relatives, advocate, care manager, key worker and home manager, will be held after three, six and twelve months. Support offered by the Trust is always consistent and everyone living in the Trust’s homes knows that there is always someone there to help, someone who is well known by the service user and who will not let them down.


Friends and Family

Friends and family are always welcome, and service users are encouraged to invite their friends over whenever they wish. Family members regularly drop in, and often come over for lunch or dinner. Friends are invited to barbecues in Summer in Staverton’s beautiful garden. The family atmosphere at Staverton is a major part of the home ethos, and service users are supported to respect and value each other.